Jy is klaar met die 28 Dae eetplan en jy is gelukkig met jou resultate of dalk wil jy iets anders probeerd - maar wat? Hier is vir jou 'n 'Maintenance Plan' en 'Intermittent Fasting Plan' as alternatiewe OF om te gebruik om jou gewig te handhaaf OF om te gebruik om nog gewig te verloor, net op 'n ander manier.  As jy een van die planne na jou gestuur wil hê, vul asb. die kontakvorm in en ek stuur dit vir jou. Die planne kan ongelukkig op GEEN ander manier gestuur word nie.


You have completed the 28 Day Eating Plan and you are happy with your results, or you would like to try something different - but what now? Here is a Maintenance Plan and Intermittent Fasting Plan as alternatives to either use to maintain your weight or help you lose even more weight. If you would like a 28 Day Maintenance Plan OR Intermittent Fasting Plan emailed to you, please enter your details below. Unfortunately the plan can NOT be sent to you in any other way.

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Besides the 28 Day Maintenance Plan or the Intermittent Fasting Plan, various Slender Living products will aid you in your weight loss and maintenance journey. To see special offers exclusively for members of the 28 Day Eating / Maintenance Plan, please click here: 28 SLENDER ONLINE SHOP