the spekboom initiative

Order a 'Spekboom' in honour of your baby!



Climate change is undeniable, but instead of waiting for world governments to do something, we can all play a part in helping curb greenhouse gases.  Planting Spekboom is one of the easiest ways to help – you don’t need a lot of space, it doesn’t take much time and, because Spekboom is easily propagated from cuttings, it doesn’t cost much to do.  Spekboom is a wonderful addition to any garden – it’s evergreen, drought-tolerant and low maintenance. It can be grown into hedges or planted in pots and thrives in almost any conditions. What a wonderful way to commemorate our babies!

As soon as we receive your form, you will be issued with an invoice and payment details to ensure that your baby's Spekboom is either couriered to you or sent to an old age home or children's home in memory of your child.

Spekboom Initiative

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