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C-Section Doula Assistance

​As your doula, I will help you navigate your options and support your decisions for your birth. Many people believe that a birth doula is only for those who desire an un-medicated birth. However, families sing the praises of their doulas at all types of births. This is your birth and my role is to support you in your goals. 

I have a lot of experience with C-section births as well.  You may find that you need to schedule the delivery date of your baby to be born via C-section. The need for this can be for many reasons. As a doula I am trained to help women and their families while giving birth, whether that birth be vaginal or a C-section.  I will help to make the hospital experience less stressful and less medicalized, and with a C-section help with the surgery interfering as little as possible with the process of bonding with and caring for your precious new born baby. I will also help to establish breastfeeding if you so wish, and assist you so that your baby receives precious colostrum right after surgery.

If you are having a C-section and I can’t be with you during the surgical procedure itself (if your hospital does not allow it) my presence as doula before and after the procedure is hugely emotionally beneficial. A lot of the same techniques for natural births can also be used before and just after C-sections, like foot massages, aromatherapy and music — anything to help the mother relax. I am allowed into most private hospitals in Gauteng, and if you do want me to accompany you, I am more than willing to talk to your caregiver. I also have a 95% success rate with initiating breastfeeding with moms who have had C-sections!




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Nicci was invaluable to us when our son was born. Our Gynie recommended Nicci as the best Doula he has worked with. And I agree! Even though it was not a planned c-section she was there to answer any questions we had during and after the c-section. Because of her, we stayed calm and enjoyed the unplanned route. She stayed by my side when my hubby went with our son when he was taken for tests. It was so comforting to have her there, and not be alone on the operating table. She stayed with me after the birth to help establish breastfeeding, making sure that baby latched correctly. And because of those first moments of help we had, I am still enjoying breastfeeding my little prince who is now 5 months old. Nicci took the most gorgeous pictures for us during the birth and it is amazing to have the pictures to look back on that special day. I would recommend Nicci to anyone who is planning a c-section and I would definitely use her again.

"After my twin babies were delivered via C-section, my husband accompanied them for weighing and medical exams while Nicci stayed with me.  What could have been a terrifying memory turned out to be a beautiful experience. I honestly cannot understand how women can go through this terrifying time without a c-section doula. Also, she took the most beautiful photos - I was over the moon with them! I am so happy that we had Nicci there!"


"I was laying flat on my back with pain medication dripping through my veins to dull the pain from a Caesarean section.  Nicci gently helped me fill a tiny plastic cup with my rich, early breast milk called colostrum. She took it to the hospital’s baby nursery, where my husband fed this “liquid gold” to our 1-hour-old baby boy. She returned to stay with me in the recovery room and later accompanied me back to the ward where I was reunited with my family. I don’t know what I would have done without her." 


"Being wheeled into theatre for my Caesarean section was honestly the scariest experience of my life. If I hadn’t had Nicci as doula there to support me, explain things and simply hold my hand, I don’t know if I could have done it. Of course having my husband their was important, but he was just as inexperienced and scared as I was. Nicci made all the difference.  "



"To me one of the biggest assets of having Nicci in the operating theatre was the fact that she took THE most beautiful photos of our little girl’s birth. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful photos that my husband most certainly would not have been able to capture! Also, it was very evident to me that my doctor knew and trusted Nicci, which made such a huge difference to the whole experience. Do NOT attempt a C-section without Nicci!"


"With my previous C-section, I was confined to a surgery recovery room feeling not just pain from the C-section but also loneliness as I waited to be reunited with my baby and husband who was already in the hospital’s baby nursery.  For this birth, though, I was calm and happy, mainly because when I realized that I’d need another C-section, I hired a doula, whose job is to support women physically and emotionally before, during and in the days after childbirth.  Without having Nicci there the experience would just have not been the same. She kept me calm and we laughed and joked as we waited for the spinal block to kick in. It was almost fun having a C-section with Nicci there!"

I can also provide you with contact details of these clients should you like to talk to them personally about their experience with me as their doula.

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