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JOUNE Natural Remedies

We promise that every single product that you buy from JOUNE is 100% natural and 100% pure. No exceptions. Ever.

We are always transparent about our ingredients, and we offer our clients only the very best natural remedies.  All the goodness of nature, all the time. 

Each JOUNE Decorative Soy candle is lovingly handcrafted with vegan soy wax and exquisite botanical scents like spearmint, magnolia and vanilla. We only use organic ingredients that do not have any parabens or phthalates. Our candles have natural colours from madder root, red annatto seeds, peppermint and spirulina. They are environmentally friendly, free of petroleum by-products, non-carcinogenic and not tested on animals - that is why JOUNE is endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty.

Some companies use harmful additives to prevent frosting as to ensure ''perfect'' candles - we don't. So with your truly all natural soy candles, expect some frosting. We love the natural features of soy and don’t want to change them, even if they look imperfect. These imperfections don’t affect the candle’s quality - in fact, we think they make the candles more charming! Our non-toxic, all-natural soy wax candles are beautiful and each candle is unique and makes for a lovely, thoughtful gift.

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