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We invite you to make use of this opportunity to have your baby/babies' name on our "We Remember Our Babies (WROB) Wall of Remembrance here and on our Facebook group: 


We Remember Our Babies Facebook Group

Just send us the following information and we will create a beautiful plaque for your baby/babies on our wall:

Name of baby/babies (in the case of twins of triplets)

Date of birth/date of passing

Personal message (if you want to write one, it's not compulsory.)

If you had multiple losses on different dates, we will make a plaque for each baby that you lost, in honour of that baby.  It doesn't matter if you were 4 days or 40 weeks pregnant, whether you had a stillbirth or whether it was an infant, NICU or the passing of an older baby or child - they deserve to be honoured!!

Please make use of this form to request your baby/babies plaque on Instagram. You are also welcome to send an email to


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Wall of Remembrance request

Thanks for submitting! We will send you a confirmation email ASAP!

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