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About Me:

I am your proverbial 'Jack of all trades'! Since I started my career at the tender age of 18 I have been there and done that - from meeting Nelson Mandela when I worked as a secretary in parliament in 1995 to cooking with Adam Liaw from MasterChef Australia and meeting Jonah Lomu! I have spent many years in the corporate environment and have qualifications in events, conferencing, exhibitions and bereavement, as well as a wealth of expertise that one can only get through being there and getting the T-shirt yourself! 

Although a 'personal touch' is often promised we all know it's virtually impossible for a company to realistically offer that. But that is exactly what I am promising you when you buy one of our products.  We have tested and researched outstanding products that we know will make a difference in YOUR life. Every single product and service that has been endorsed carries our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and we are confident that you will benefit from it. We offer you an array of services and products with a personal but extremely professional touch. From health and wellness to beauty to all things birth and perinatal bereavement - we've got your covered.  No matter what your needs are, we will deliver outsanding customer service.

Browse our website to find out how we can help you change, transition, adapt and grow. Because that's what we do!

Nicci Coertze - Change, Adapt, Grow.
Change: You will not get different results if you keep on doing the same thing. So you have to change it to change it.
Adaptation:  Becoming better suited to the new way of doing things. 
Growth:   The progressive and ongoing acquisition of different skills and abilities. (The process is endless.) 

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