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Household managers are invaluable in today's global households, where Europe and Africa is only a hop and a skip away from each other.


Household managers generally have the responsibilities of planning, organizing and coordinating events, managing household calendars and schedules, arranging appointments, scheduling and supervising home maintenance projects, paying household bills and completing any other requested administrative tasks.  Household managers keep the day-to-day operations of a home running smoothly. They are the planners, coordinators, and helpers for today’s busy families. Large households with complicated scheduling needs, or smaller families who want to focus on spending more time with their children or career professionals who need to devote an enormous amount of time towards their business will discover an invaluable ally in a private household manager. Leave the stress of your successful business at your workplace. You can devote yourself to your loving family and beautiful home – and pass off its upkeep to your personal household manager.  From bill paying, inventory, shopping, personal errands, vendor supervision to vehicle maintenance and holiday gifting - we've got you covered!

Services offered:

  • Managing of different properties

  • Tend to renovations and maintenance needs

  • Liaise with contractors

  • Arrange maintenance appointments and scheduling

  • Management of household staff as well as monitoring day to day and weekly tasks.

  • Human resources management of staff

  • Household inventories

  • Prepare vacation properties for owners

  • Ensure essentials are always on hand

  • Managing the household’s schedules and calendars

  • Event planning, organizing, and coordination

  • Arranging appointments for personal and professional needs

  • Scheduling home maintenance and repair work, and supervising the project

  • Handling household bills and administrative duties

  • Running errands and performing necessary tasks

  • Supervision of other household staff, such as housekeepers, private chefs, nannies or governesses

  • Shopping for food, supplies, and other requested items

  • Overseeing home cleaning duties

  • Making sure meals are cooked

  • See that laundering and putting away of clothing or changing linens have been done

  • Overseeing an employer’s finances and valuables

  • Customer relationship management

Image by Daniel Barnes
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